The Development of the Pharmacy

The first known pharmacy existed in Baghdad in 754, but they didn’t make their way over to Europe until the 12th Century. Of course, pharmacies are we know them now are very different to the way they were back then, and are continuing to develop. Since the start of the 21st Century, a number of online chemists have appeared across the world. Many are actually part of the local chemist, offering an extra service and now over 2 million people in the UK buy their medicines this way.

Accessing your pharmacy online holds a great number of benefits. For those who are housebound, or who simply cannot get to a pharmacy during opening hours because they work or live too far away, they can access products to meet all their medicinal needs at the click of a button. Online chemists also offer privacy, so no one need see or hear you pick up your medication or personal products.

Morningside Pharmacy is a registered UK pharmacy which has made ordering your prescription or repeat prescriptions really easy and convenient online. Customers can also purchase a range of other health products, such as vitamins and supplements and family planning products or stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches and sprays.

Online Private Prescriptions

Created to meet the growing need for online private prescriptions, Morningside Pharmacy’s new web prescription service provides you access to a wide range of prescription only medicines for various treatments, such as Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Acne, Herpes, Winter Flu and Malaria tablets to name just a few. Using the convenience and accessibility of a pharmacy, web prescriptions powered by medescribe, offers clinical screening and confidential patient assessment for online prescriptions, by our pharmacy professionals and dispensed and delivered by Morningside Pharmacy.

How do online prescriptions work?

Patients complete a confidential, online questionnaire which is forwarded to a registered GP or prescribing healthcare professional at Medescribe (MPS). A GP or prescribing healthcare professional will determine if treatment is suitable and an electronic prescription will then be sent to Morningside Pharmacy for dispensing. If treatment is not recommended, the patient will be contacted by a health professional and advised appropriately.

The following services are currently being offered malaria prevention and treatment;  hair loss;  erectile dysfunction;  smoking cessation; cystitis;  acne treatment; HPV vaccine; chlamydia treatment; travel vaccinations and herpes treatment

Pharmacies have come a long way since 8th Century Baghdad, with the most recent changes providing easier access for all.

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