Avoiding Common Cat Illnesses

The main problems to affect cats are things that are actually very easy to prevent. Many owners know to worm and flea their pets regularly, and being very rigorous in giving them the right tablets at the right time will almost certainly ensure that these problems are avoided.

However, there are two other illnesses your cat may face that are not so obvious in terms of how to deal with them. The first of these is dental disease. It is believed that around three quarters of cats over the age of three develop this, and in some cases the issue can go on to affect the heart, liver and kidneys. Such diseases are not always obvious, but easily preventable, and starting such preventative measures when your pet is still a kitten will make a huge difference.

Symptoms vary and may not be obvious.For instance,no cat has particularly fresh breath, and knowing the difference between that pet food smell and actual halitosis can be very important.If your cat starts rubbing at their mouth or has difficulty eating, this may also indicate a problem.Avoiding dental disease will involve a number of measures. Feeding them the right food with balanced cat nutrition will be a good start,whilst brushing their teeth or using appropriate oral products may also make a major difference to your pet.

However, it is worthwhile being aware that certain oral chews that will promote better oral hygiene are high in calories and, therefore, these should be either given in small doses or the amount of food you offer your kitten should be varied accordingly.

Which brings us to the second major problem: diabetes. Diabetes and obesity are intrinsically linked within pets. You will need to make sure the diet you give them has very balanced cat nutrition and that you promote healthy exercise. With some more lazy cats this may mean actively playing with them yourself on a regular basis throughout the day.

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