Health advice issued to tourists

When people head abroad on holiday,there are many issues they need to bear in mind.For example,as well as arranging their travel,they may also wish to seek the best exchange rates on their travel money.

Meanwhile, there is another consideration that can be important and that is health. Illustrating this point recently, public health officials in Wales raised concerns about the possibility of individuals bringing measles back from their vacations into their home country, WalesOnline reports.

This highly infectious viral illness causes a range of symptoms, including coughing, high temperatures and spots on the skin.Experts have suggested that children should have their MMR jabs before heading to Europe this summer. Meanwhile, according to the Health Protection Agency, more than 300 cases of the disease were reported during the first four months of 2010, while there have been more than 10,000 cases of measles in 18 European Union and European Economic Area countries so far this year.

Consultant epidemiologist at Public Health Wales Dr Brendan Mason remarked: “All children and young people planning on travelling in Europe should ensure they have had two doses of MMR before they go away.

“France, Germany and Spain are all experiencing quite big outbreaks of measles and there are problems elsewhere in Europe. This is also an issue for home – people may acquire it abroad but they probably won’t become unwell until they return home.”

He went on to state that confidence has returned in the vaccine and, following a lull in recent years, take-up among youngsters is “as high as it has ever been”.Anyone unsure about health issues regarding their holiday, or wanting to ensure they get the best exchange rates on their travel money, can head online for information and advice. Indeed, the web has made consumers’ live much easier in this way.

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