Finding the Right Cat Food

Cat’s can be fussy when it comes to food. You may have noticed that the food you put down will often leave your fussy feline turning its nose up at it. This is however, not necessarily all the cat’s fault and the way in which you feed your cat, even from when they are a kitten, will have a great effect on how much of a fussy eater they are.

There are many factors that will inform a cat’s willingness to eat and trying to break them out of fussy habits right from when they are a kitten is going to be extremely useful. Firstly, try not to put their food too near their litter tray as this can put your pet off their food. After all, would you like to eat in the same place that you go to the toilet?

Next, don’t leave food out for them to graze on through the day. By putting food out for only ten minutes at a time then taking it away, you will find that your cat jumps at the chance to eat all of its food as soon as you put it down.

Finally, don’t give into its whims. Whilst changing up flavours will be good for your cat, make sure that the cat food you choose has balanced cat nutrition. Ensuring your cat gets the right vitamins and minerals will be far more important than whether or not they are getting slightly bored of the taste, and the right cat nutrition is the most vital part of choosing any cat food.

Should you find your cat is still fussy, simply offer them some dry food to graze on through the day and make sure that you regularly change the flavour of the cat food you buy, leaving it down for only ten minutes at a time. In no time at all, that picky pussy will be eating out of your hands.

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