Why Would You Need A Static Caravan?

Are you going on a holiday any time soon? Are you searching for the perfect abode to spend your vacations in? If so, then static caravans for sale can be an excellent option for you. However, many people are confused about the types of facilities offered by caravan homes- there are different types of caravan holiday homes available in the market. We will help you understand each type of caravan in detail to decide where you might want to invest.

The different types of caravan

There are two different types of caravan houses: touring and static. The static caravans can be subdivided into holiday homes and holiday lodges, which differ due to their sizes and price. Let us now understand the difference between the touring and the static caravans.

The touring caravan

From the name, one can easily understand that the touring caravans are mobile. Therefore, they can be towed around easily- if you want to explore lots of places at your holiday destination without leaving your home behind, then this can be a great option.

These are movable, and the outer body of these homes is made up of light and durable material, like aluminum. Due to their mobile nature, expect less space in these homes compared to the static ones.

The static caravan

A static caravan is primarily placed in a holiday park, and thus they are also known as park homes, holiday homes, holiday lodges, etc. It is much affordable compared to brick and cement homes but offers the same comfort. One of the best things about static caravans is that you will get all the modern amenities here that you get in your home, like:-

  • A central heating system so that you can regulate the temperature inside your home.
  • These homes are energy efficient because of the way they are constructed. You can find double glazed windows here, which will promote the reduction of your electricity bills.
  • Trace heating is also added to these homes to avoid the pipes from getting frozen during the winters.
  • They come with all the electrical points so that you can connect and charge your gadgets.Some of these homes also have smoke alarms for your safety.

If you have additional space, opt for holiday lodges which are spacious static caravans. You can enjoy some great time in the added space with your family and friends. Or else, go for the smaller holiday home version, which is equally enjoyable.

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