Car leasing is a great alternative to buying

Buying a car is a big decision. Bar purchasing a property it’s one of the biggest outlays people make. And getting it wrong can be a disaster. Too many people have picked a bad vehicle from the local car lot. A car which has gone on to cost them a whole heap of money on repairs and servicing. Buying secondhand is just such a big risk, but not everyone can afford a new car. Or can they? Because there are alternative finance options available. Buying outright isn’t the only way to get on the road.

Car lease deals are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. Firstly they allow people to drive brand new cars without finding the money to own the vehicle outright. Instead people make a monthly payment over the course of any agreement, most commonly three years. Essentially they are covering the cost of the depreciation of the vehicle during the course of the agreement. It’s a different way to get a new car. Plus at the end of any agreement, it’s possible to sign up for the same terms on another brand new car. It’s motoring without the cost of ownership. Deals can even include servicing too. Brand new vehicles are always under warranty, so it’s low risk compared to buying a secondhand car.

There are car leasing deals on all sorts of different makes and models. From super minis through to premium high end vehicles. No matter what people want to drive there is a leasing deal available.

So where should prospective customers go for the best car lease deals on the market right now? CLVR Ltd are a leading provider of car leasing deals. Their website is a great starting point. Here people can find details of the hottest offers right now along with the facility to search for different makes and models. The modest monthly payments bring all sorts of prestige vehicles well within budget. It’s amazing what people can end up driving by leasing instead of buying. In fact buying outright starts to look less and less attractive with each passing minute.

CLVR cater for both personal and business customers. Either way they can source great vehicles at great prices. Why not trade up for something a little special? Especially if a great deal becomes available. For people who don’t have the time or the inclination to keep checking back for the latest offers, they can simply sign up for email alerts. Then when that killer deal becomes available they can grab it while it’s available.

Not everyone likes to shop for products and services online, so the team at CLVR are always on hand to deal with things the traditional way. In person or over the phone. Just pop in or give them a ring. They will answer any questions and talk through any customer requirements. Then suggest the most appropriate vehicles and deals based on this information. Of course there is more to leasing than just great prices. CLVR also offer great after care and customer support.

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