Reaching a Wider Audience

Being an internet-based company can mean that it is very hard for you to have the presence you want. Yes, there are many great benefits of being online, and the reduced overheads can mean that you can offer your products at far lower prices, but with so many companies all vying for the same customers’ attention, standing out can be even harder online that it is on the high street. At least on the high street you can be visually eye-catching; having a good retail display and exterior is often enough on its own to get people in your store.

However, unless you happen to be a big name, certain people may never find your business online. On the high street, you may well be instantly noticeable as people often won’t be able to help but walk past you. Online, you have no such luck and you may well find that your site is very much on a back street where no one ever treads.

Increasing your potential audience online can actually be achieved by optimising a presence on the high street. Whilst an internet based company might not want full-time presence on the high street, pop up shops can offer a short term fix that gets people to know your name, what you do and ensure that the next time they are online they come to you.

Pop up shops can utilise the interesting retail display designs and fashionable exteriors that other high street shops use to get people in and use their short term opening as a way of creating buzz and eliciting a feeling of prestige amongst shoppers. In turn, the sales will not only rise dramatically, but brand awareness and customer base can all rise greatly, all for a cost that will often work out far cheaper than a thorough marketing campaign.

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