Which Is Best To Use Cod Liver Or Fish Oil?

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Fish body oil or fish oil as is commonly known is an important element for health and general wellness. It is derived from the skin tissue of oily fish species such as salmon. On the other hand, cod liver oils are also derived from fish but from the liver of the fish and not from the skin. You can enjoy the oils by eating fish diet or still by taking them in form of a capsule as supplements.

It is important to note that for many years, cod liver oil has been in use but fish oil supplements have not been long in the market and therefore not many people know about them. Both oils come with various benefits and research and studies have shown that the two are ideal for use by people from different and specific groups. Below are some few details to help you in making the right choice.

Fish oils are ideal for all

Fish body oil has for long been considered suitable for use by people above the age of 4 years. Due to the presence of healthy elements such as DHA, EPA and omega fatty acids, the fats are suitable for enhancing brain and heart health and therefore you should also consider taking them. Doctors also recognize the health attributes of these fats and normally recommend them to people with different health problems including psoriasis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and depression among others. In general, fish consumption is considered ideal for health since it contains essential nutrients such as proteins and vitamins. Fish oil also has major advantages especially for people who are low in proteins. It can also be used to enhance eye vision, reduce acne and also for fighting inflammation.

Cod liver is also suitable for health improvement

Cod liver oil on the other hand comes with many benefits one of them being its suitability as a source of vitamin A and D and especially for people living in areas where there is little direct sunlight to enjoy. It is also recommended for people living in cold regions to compensate for vitamin D loss. Additionally, the oil is rich in DHA and EPA which makes it ideal for enhancing joint and bone health.

When choosing the right kind of oil, it is advisable that you should have a look at the vitamin levels and use this to determine the suitability of your choice. This is to help ensure that the vitamins which are fat-soluble do not contain high levels of toxicity which could be bad for your body. The vitamin levels required vary greatly for people with different conditions and needs and thus the importance of this consideration. For example, if you live in a cold place, you will need a high level of vitamins compared to someone else living in places where they are able to enjoy direct sunlight. It is therefore important to know what you are looking for. If you do not like the taste of fish, then fish oils and cod liver oils will come handy.

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