What Is PASMA Training, And Where To Get It?

PASMA Training

Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association, or PASMA, is a popular training association all over the UK. The training focuses on the safety measures that should be followed while using mobile access towers. It promotes the best practices that will help the workers to be safe on duty.

Everyone at PASMA is an industry expert, which means they are eligible to provide you with the essential skills required for working at every level on mobile access towers. There are many PASMA training London centres available from where one can get trained.

Who Needs To Undergo The PASMA Training?

If you are in the height industry or working with mobile access towers, then you should have the PASMA certificate. It would ensure that you can do the work following the best practices. Everyone working in the height industry should get this certification, as they are more prone to falling and getting injured. The certification would ensure the employers that you are competent to do the work.

If you are an employer, you must ensure that all the employees in your company have undergone this training. This will not only help you reduce the chances of accidents, but it will also make your employees aware of the safety measures and industry best practices. Once they pass the course, they will successfully and safely be able to erect, use, inspect, and dismantle the mobile access tower.

What Does PASMA Training Focus On?

PASMA training London primarily focuses on safety while an individual is using the mobile access tower. This is manpower and, thus, can be manoeuvred with the wheels at its base. Employees under the supervision of trained professionals or experienced people only should deal with these access towers. So if you have staff dealing with these towers at any level and using them in any way, getting them PASMA trained is quite important.

Is PASMA A Legal Requirement?

PASMA training is not a legal requirement, but it should be undertaken by everyone working in the height industry for their safety and security. Also, according to the 2005 Work at Height Regulations, employers need to ensure that all their employees have the right training for working at a height and the PASMA certificate helps to ensure that.

How Long Does It Take To Complete, And What Is The Validity Of The Certificate?

The PASMA course can be completed in a day, and the certification is valid for 5 years. After that, employees would need to retake the course to ensure they are aware of the present legislation and PASMA regulations.

What Is The Cost?

The cost would specifically depend on the type of training you opt for. You can talk to PASMA training institutes and check out their course list.