Beating Stress

Stress can cause many health problems, both physically and mentally.From sleeplessness and depression through to heart disease,excessive stress can even have a detrimental effect on our personalities and simply our quality of life.

However, it is not always easy to remove stress from our lives. Whether work pressures are getting too much, our personal lives are in crisis or we are facing financial problems, there aren’t always going to be magic beans that can simply put things right.

However,there are still ways of reducing stress, even if you don’t have the power or ability to change the situation you are in. When we are under physical or mental duress, the energy in our body is blocked as our energy systems become disrupted. This accounts for why our physical being changes and not just our mental outlook. Stress changes the way in which our body works and the physical problems exacerbate the mental ones, creating a vicious circle of sorts.

However,using techniques such as EFT, these blockages can be removed, allowing the energy to flow as normal and whilst the cause of the stress might not be removed, its effects will be reduced significantly.

EFT can be used as a one off cure or EFT courses can be undertaken to learn the techniques for yourself.By allowing energy to flow as it should,there are also many more benefits–the positive outlook that a revitalised and energised mind and body can bring will mean that you are likely to be far more proactive about resolving the cause of the stress.Stress can be extremely insidious in the way that it can cause us to shut down and simply try to ignore the problem that is affecting us. With EFT training it is far more likely that you will feel able to deal with the issues you face and,in turn,you may also simply remove the cause of your troubles completely.

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