Why Become a PA?

It is easy to understand why many people can’t see the allure in being a Personal Assistant. After all, in the eyes of many, the name conjures up images of dogsbodies bending to their master’s every whim, rushing around after them and doing the little things they simply have no interest in. To other people, a PA sounds like it will be nothing but a jumped up secretarial role.
However, in reality, the roles that a personal assistant undertake will be extremely varied and wide reaching and will undoubtedly change from position to position. In the majority of cases, personal assistants don’t actually get told what to do, but instead quite the opposite. They can be extremely important in the decision making process for those at the very top of companies and can help inform their bosses of the best course of action based on all the information they pull together.
The job can be extremely well paid and extremely rewarding, with many PAs ultimately be given their own projects and team to run. So, it is far from a secretarial role. The other benefit of becoming a personal assistant is that such roles are easy to train for. There are many PA Courses available and whilst certain companies will ask for no formal PA Training, taking a course will almost certainly help you stand out from the crowd, and also simply help you understand how best to deal with the great number of roles you will be expected to undertake, removing what can otherwise be an extremely stressful baptism by fire.
PA Training can also be beneficial for those who choose not to stick at the role in the long run. PA Courses offer a wide range of skills that can be utilised in many different areas of business. Whether through training or experience, many PAs will eventually become managers themselves, so for those wanting the perfect inroad into a well-paid and rewarding career, starting as a PA can be the perfect approach.

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