The Value Of Getting EMDR Training

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, counsellor, or psychologist, there are many benefits to getting EMDR training. When you become certified to use EDMR you can often help many people who have suffered from a traumatic experience and who may not have found other kinds of treatment helpful in the past.

EDMR, or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, is an innovative way of treating the psychological effects of disturbing sensory information on those who have experienced trauma. The way EDMR works is by influencing the way the brain functions and deals with the traumatic information. Patients who are treated with EDMR can still recall the memories of the traumatic events, but these memories will no longer cause them pain and suffering or further trauma and panic. It is believed that biochemical changes take place in the brain through EDMR which help the patience process information differently, and learn not to be traumatized by the memories anymore. This kind of treatment can be used in all kinds of circumstances. The effects of this kind of treatment also seem to be quite long lasting, and the process of undergoing and being healed psychologically through EDMR seem to take less time than other treatments for similar problems. As you can see, there are a great deal of benefits to getting EDMR training, no matter what area of physical or mental health you plan to pursue. The value lies in the ability to help people whom you might not otherwise be able to do anything for. Here at EDMR Works we offer highly interactive EDMR workshops that will lead you toward accreditation as an EDMR practitioner if this is what you want to do. For more information about our EDMR workshops, read through the information on our site, or give us a ring on: 020 8441 2457.

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