Maintaining our trees

We all know how important our trees are. Just as important, therefore, is the maintenance of trees: ensuring they stay healthy, live long and can sit well within their surroundings.
Keeping an eye on your trees is necessary to ensure they are not unhealthy or potentially causing damage to area around them. These are several means to do this: checking for damage around the base of your tree, such as cavities, holes and decay. Look for wounds on the main stem – are there areas of dead bark or exposed wood? Keep an eye out for hanging branches and dead leaves that may appear a different tone of colour to the others. And as for the overall tree – is it balanced or leaning to one side?
These simple checks help to improve the life and growth of your tree. If something needs to be looked at, that’s where a tree surgeon would come in.
Bring in the tree surgeon
There are many tree surgeons around the UK, whether you need a tree surgeon in London or a tree surgeon in Cambridge, Northampton, Oxford or anywhere else: there are many dedicated tree surgery companies out there who can assist in the important maintenance of your trees.
Tree surgeon roles don’t just include the maintenance of existing trees. Tree surgeons often offer many other services, such as felling, stump grinding and tree crown reduction.  Stumps in gardens are often unwanted and a tree surgeon can literally remove the problem. If your tree is in good health but you simply need some thinning or pruning, tree surgeons provide this service too. Whether you want to help a tree that might be in need of some TLC or just remove a tree related problem:  there are ample tree surgeons in London, tree surgeon

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