Sustainable garden rooms

If you are struggling for space indoors garden rooms offer a sustainable environmentally friendly solution. Garden rooms cost less than an extension to your house and are often exempt from planning permission. Garden rooms provide the answer if you have a lack of outdoor space suitable to build an extension on. They can be built to your personal specification, whatever garden space you have available a garden room can be tailored to fit your precise needs. Even the most compact garden can fit a garden room. 

Garden rooms are bespoke and personal to you. If you have specific requirements then your garden room can be tailored to meet them. You get a build individual to you and your needs. Garden rooms are built with sustainable sourced building materials. They are quick to install and can be fitted with sustainable heating and lighting solutions. Unlike building an extension onto your house garden rooms are a fixed price to purchase and install meaning there are no hidden costs.
Garden rooms are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. One of the most popular is the garden office. Cheaper than renting an office space, they enable you to commute down the garden to work. Lowering your carbon footprint and giving you a calm relaxed work space away from your home. Garden offices let you keep your home and work life separate. As garden offices are custom built to fit your garden space and work needs, you can design your office around your specific work needs. The modern sleek design of garden offices creates the ultimate stress free working environment. Imagine only having to stroll to the bottom of your garden to go to work. You get to enjoy the beauty of your garden while working in a calm environment tailored to you and your job.

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