Bespoke garden buildings

Garden buildings offer a sustainable way to extend your home and gain extra space while adding value to your home. With unpredictable weather we often do not spend as much time as we would like in our gardens but with a garden building you can enjoy the beauty of your garden while enjoying the home comforts of indoor heating and lighting. Garden buildings can be tailored to suit your individual purpose.

Garden buildings can provide modern office or work space. If you have limited space in your garden then the workpod is the answer. The workpod is a garden studio office designed to fit one person, providing a cost effective working environment. Swapping your work commute for a stroll down the garden not only reduces your carbon footprint but improves your work life balance, giving you a space away from home to concentrate on work without the distractions of home life.

Garden studios can be used for a variety of purposes, a garden gym or relaxation space, or simply an extra room for entertaining friends. Garden studios can be designed with low-energy heating and lighting making them eco friendly. Made from sustainable materials garden studies are not only beautiful in design but good for the planet too. As each one is bespoke you can design it to fulfil all your personal requirements and specifications, tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Garden studios can be used all year round, unlike your garden. They can be fitted out with all your home comforts and make a beautiful addition to your property, adding value and cost less than having an extension built. A garden gym would mean never having to queue for the treadmill again. Garden studies offer breathtaking contemporary architecture at an affordable price. Whether you want a home office, gym or a chill out pad, garden studios make a beautiful addition to your property designed by qualified eco architects enabling you to get your dream garden studio.

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