Ways to make link building an ongoing process

When approaching link building you need to look upon it as a long term process. As such you can at time run out of ideas for attracting high quality links that will add value to your site and support your SEO efforts.Here are some ideas to keep your high quality link building moving:Write teaser articles for a good article publishing website. If you can get the first part of an article listed on a high quality website also ensuring there is a keyword rick text link directing readers back to the website you can then list the rest of the article for them to read. Include another link to your homepage in the credit box also.Incentivise high quality sites with the offer of something free of charge such as a downloadable PDF for example. Then request a link from them to your site if they feel the free report was of interest. This can be a great way of acquiring links as you are exchanging something of value making web masters more inclined to take up the offer.Take time developing high value content on the website using a range of keyword clusters. The more you build this type of content the more people will want to link to you.Position yourself as an industry expert. Get in touch with writers and editors and offer your services as a source in return for links. Be clear that you want to be mentioned in the credit box with a keyword rich text box.Create straightforward ways for sites to link back to one of your articles or web pages. One idea is to set up an icon that creates the relevant code in HTML which can be copied and used on their own web pages.At www.linkbuilding.co.uk we offer link building services to businesses across the UK.

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