The Different Types of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are devices which are used to screen people who are entering a building or a room. They provide building owners or employees with a safe and secure way to stop unwanted visitors from entering a building. This article takes a look at several of the most common door entry systems that are available on the market.




Keypads are devices which are attached onto a doorway to a building, or on a door that leads to a private room or floor in a building. They are commonly used in commercial businesses and in residential flats. Keypads can also have card readers in them, that is where an employee will swipe their work card in the keypad in order to gain entry. The good thing about these systems is that the passcodes and cards can be quickly and easily changed when someone leaves an organization without having to replace the entire door entry system.


Advanced Technology Recognition Systems


There are some more advanced door entry systems that are available. These types of systems are beneficial for buildings that require a higher level of security. They can include face recognition door entry systems, retina recognition systems and fingerprint systems.


Intercom Systems


Intercom systems are commonly used in private properties. A device can be attached onto the front door, or even onto the gate in a driveway. A visitor can then press a buzzer on the intercom which will link to a system on the inside of the house. Once the homeowner has verified the visitor they can press a button which will allow the visitor entry to the property.


Video Link Systems


Video link systems work in a similar way to intercom systems, but instead of hearing a voice you get to view a live video link of the visitor. This can be used as an extra security feature for your home or business. They are commonly used in conjunction with an intercom system. The video link can also be recorded and stored on tape if it needs to be viewed again or used as evidence.



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