Garden offices

Home working is a trend that is really taking off. And it’s not surprising really how popular it is becoming. Technology now means that people can work remotely easily because they have the telecoms infrastructure to do so. Plus office space is so expensive in the centres of big cities where companies are often located. So it pays to let people work from home rather than keep on providing them with expensive work space in the office.
But home working is not without its problems. The biggest of which is finding a suitable area to work in. This area needs to be quiet and conducive to being productive. And it need to be quite separate from the rest of the home. Otherwise there are no boundaries. This is why garden offices are often the ideal solution for home workers looking for the right environment in which to work.
Garden offices offer a separate space that is slightly removed from the home. There are no interruptions. Or temptations either. Back in the house it’s all too easy to raid the fridge or watch TV. In fact do anything except work! All of these problems are instantly solved.
It’s the easy and low cost way to solve the problem. Why bother with an extension or garage conversion which will require planning permission and take way too long?
Over at Dunster House they have a range of garden offices that are geared up to the modern home worker. They are constructed in such a way as to create a perfectly balanced work environment, but one that is just at the end of the garden. Not in a busy office block. Prospective c

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