Modern wedding invitations: You’ve got mail!

If you consider yourself to be quite a trendy up-to-date couple, why are you thinking about sending out wedding invitations by post? In a world where most of us communicate with friends, family and even business clients via the internet why would you resort back to the dark ages by sending your wedding invitations out by the post?

With so many news stories of mail going missing or turning up late, sending electronic wedding invites seems like a more reliable option. Also if you are organising every other aspect of your wedding on the internet, why suddenly resort back to traditional tactics?

Certainly, if you are inviting some other guests such as your elderly grandmother they may not have internet access to open electronic wedding invites. In this respect, you could make an exception to the general rule by sending out a few select paper wedding invitations to guests who do not have internet access. For everyone else, you can save time and money by sending the invitations over the internet.

Organising a wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you will have to do in your lifetime along with moving house. If there is a facility there to take a huge chunk out of your ‘to do’ list- surely it would be madness not to take it would it not?

Some people may think sending the invitations by email may not be as formal as sending out handmade paper invitations. In fact, green living and being kind to the environment is one key reason why you should send them out electronically. Additionally, you can also work together with ECO2 cards to design and customise your invitations so it is not like your guests will be receiving ill designed, generic invites either!

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