How Long Does a Solar Panel Last?

How Long Does a Solar Panel Last

Solar panels can last more than 40 years after installation, depending on the size and material. However, as they age, their performance level will decrease slightly. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels usually last for about half a century. Thin film panels may last a little longer but have shorter warranties. A solar panel’s lifespan largely depends on the type of solar panel.


Can You Make A Solar Panel Last Longer?

The lifespan of a solar panel depends on several factors. For example, dirty panels degrade faster than clean ones. These panels accumulate dirt and other debris and don’t undergo regular maintenance. Some of these factors are preventable, but others are out of your control. In some cases, cleaning can extend the life of your panel. The best way to extend the life of your solar panel is to keep it clean. Debris can damage it, and if it piles up on a panel, it can cause microcracks. Cleaning your panels regularly will reduce the chances of them forming microcracks. This will also reduce the strain on them.

Moreover, you should monitor the output levels of the panels. This will help you know when to replace them. Solar panels are estimated to degrade at a rate of 0.5% per year. You may check the websites of solar installers near me to verify details and inquire about how long could solar panels last. It’s also essential to monitor the temperature of the panels and the amount of energy they produce. If the temperature fluctuates drastically, you should clean them. Otherwise, they might degrade faster. Keeping your solar panels clean will prevent them from breaking down.


Soiling Reduces A Solar Panel’s Lifespan.

Soiling on solar panels can shorten their life spans, which is why it’s essential to reduce it. Heavy soiling and snow can cause microcracks in the surface of solar panels. Also, Colorado solar installers agree that reducing soiling on solar panels will reduce the pressure on the panel’s surface. As a result, solar panels will be less stressed and last longer. Soiling can decrease the lifespan of a solar panel by about 20 percent. Fortunately, soiling can be reduced by removing the most common causes of soiling. The regular loss scenario assumes the panels will last 30 years before they begin to fail. On the other hand, the early loss scenario takes into account failures that occur before the panels reach their life spans of 30 years. 

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