The Perfect Reminder

There are many events in our lives we would like to remember very clearly.However,the funny thing about the human memory is that it is extremely subjective and extremely easily influenced by external factors.The majority of memories we have are a combination of what actually happened,other people’s experiences and simply your own elaborations of the event which eventually surpass the original memory and become‘fact.’In many cases people can even vividly remember events that never happened if they see doctored photographs and hear other people’s descriptions of the fictitious event.

Therefore, if we really want to remember a certain event, it is important to have some kind of physical reminder. Whilst videos and photographs may tell a small amount of the story, there will still be many things that can be consigned to false memories and oblivion.

If you are looking for the perfect present to give for a special occasion, it can therefore be extremely thoughtful to give that person the gift of memories. Whilst a written account may be one way to go about it, a more fun way is to offer cartoon caricatures. By simply waiting until after the event, you can then create caricature portraits that not only visually represent the occasion itself but are also littered with specific references to things that happened or words that were said on that day.

Whether you are commemorating a stag do, a wedding or a birthday, the versatility of caricature portraits means that you can sum up the most important parts of the occasion whilst they are still fresh in the mind and not tainted by elaboration or amnesia, and in turn offer them the gift of memories that will then never be forgotten.

So whatever event you wish to commemorate, cartoon caricatures might well just be the most fun, and potentially even accurate, way to remember it.

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