Choosing the perfect Wedding cakes

Many people will be looking to have professional wedding cakes or birthday cakes made for their special occasion and there are many people who specialise in cake making for special occasions. Wedding cakes are something that nearly everyone who are getting married will want to have. The cost of a wedding cake can vary greatly between different bakers and the cost will be dependent upon the size of cake, the type of cake and the design that customers want. Fruit cakes are the most traditional choice for wedding cakes but in recent years more and more people are choosing to have sponge or chocolate cakes rather than fruit. Cupcakes have also become increasingly popular rather than traditional shaped wedding cakes. Individual cupcakes can be arranged on cupcake stands so they end up looking a tiered cake. This is a very modern choice and one that is proving very popular with the younger generation not only for wedding cakes but also for birthday cakes.

Some people will choose to have a tiered wedding cake where each tier is a different flavour business so they may have a chocolate, sponge and fruit cake to suit all the guests’ tastes. Customers will often have an idea in mind of what they would like their wedding cakes or birthday cakes to look like and most cake makers will have the skills to recreate almost any design. Cake makers are very skilled at creating unique and imaginative designs for birthday cakes. They will be able to create suitable designs for birthday cakes for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. Cake makers will also specialise in occasion cakes for events like christenings, wedding cakes, anniversaries, engagements and cakes for corporate events.

Cake makers will pride themselves on making stunning wedding cakes and birthday cakes that will create a real wow factor when people see them. Designs for wedding cakes or birthdays can be as elaborate or as understated as customers would like. Many cake makers will offer a range of different flavours for both wedding cakes and birthday cakes including vanilla, fruit, chocolate, lemon drizzle, orange, strawberry and even liquor based cakes.


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