6 Ways to Easily Get Hired As a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

To get hired by a tattoo shop, you should create a portfolio of your work. It can be made simple with a website builder. It enables prospective clients and employers to look at your portfolio. It must include Instagram integration, client-proofing capabilities, and appealing templates.

Art school

Getting a degree in art is a great way to get started as a tattoo artist. Art schools offer specialized courses, and you can learn many techniques and principles at a community college or art university. You will learn the basics of drawing, color, value, size, line, and many other design principles. These are necessary skills for creating tattoos, and a degree in art can help you get an apprenticeship with an established tattoo shop with the best tattoo artist who will act as a mentor.

Art schools also offer practical training in tattooing. The art school you choose may offer classes focusing on the tattoo design and the tattooing business. You can also check local tattoo shops to see if they offer training. Tattoo art is a skill that takes years to perfect, and you will have to put in a lot of practice to become proficient at it. Generally, tattoo apprenticeships last from six to twelve months. Apprentices will be tested on their ability to follow the pace of the shop, create designs that customers want, and develop a unique style.

Getting a health and safety certificate

A health and safety certificate for tattoo artists ensures a safe, clean, and hygienic working environment. In many areas, such as California, the law requires tattoo artists to complete such training. In addition to educating them about bloodborne pathogens, the training also helps them comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Failing to comply with these laws can result in lawsuits and loss of reputation.

As a tattoo artist, getting a bloodborne pathogens certificate is essential, which is a must for any practitioner of body art. There are several courses available online that can help you get certified. You can choose a California-specific course or one valid in any state.

Showing off your versatility

When trying to get hired as a tattoo artist, your portfolio should showcase your versatility and skill. Tattoo styles range from traditional to contemporary, and it is important to show off your ability to work in them. You can display your work online, in a portfolio, or your resume. Showcase the results of your past work and how you’ve continually improved your skills.

Most tattoo shop owners seek tattoo artists with diverse portfolios and experience. It is important because new artists will be primarily doing walk-ins. Showing off your range of styles is your best bet because once you’ve earned your foot in the door, you can develop a specialized style.


A tattoo artist’s portfolio can be digital, a flash sheet, or physical tabs. A portfolio should showcase a variety of styles and techniques. It is also a good idea to include small and large pieces of work, as well as different styles of lettering. It should be organized so potential mentors can easily scan through it and be simple to browse.

A tattoo artist’s portfolio should showcase their best work. It should include various tattoo designs that showcase their style, drawing skills, and ability to handle color and shading. If possible, they should also display works in black and white.


Overlearning tattooing techniques is an essential part of becoming a tattoo artist. It helps to learn new techniques and make them second nature so that you can offer the highest quality tattoos to your clients. Master tattoo artist spends at least ten thousand hours perfecting their craft.

When applying for a tattoo apprenticeship, it’s important to have a solid foundation. It’s hard to find practice canvases on your own, so take advantage of them when you can.


You need to network and establish your reputation as a tattoo artist. Social media platforms and tattoo websites allow you to showcase your portfolio. A strong internet presence can help you gain new clients and a global reputation. In addition, networking is free and can help you reach more potential clients.

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