Shelving utilised by Portsmouth charity


Shelving racks are used by many individuals and organisations.Indeed,they are among the most popular types of storage. These days,there are many forms of such offerings available for people to buy,including garage shelving and much more.

One charity that has utilised shelving racks to great effect is the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth.The organisation, which was established in 1979 and provides education, training and rehabilitation to adults of all ages who are in need, particularly those with learning difficulties and other disabilities, runs a warehouse near Fratton Park.

According to the Portsmouth News, inside the building there is a “treasure trove of craft items”, including scrap paper, bottle lids, rolls of card and much more.The newspaper stated: “As well as a cafe, offices and an arts and craft shop, it houses the foundation’s materials bank and it is this cavernous scrap store that acts as a kind of linchpin for the rest of the charity’s work.”

It noted that the materials bank in many ways serves as a factory in which people sort through the items and use them to make craft objects that are then sold on. In order to store all the items needed, “wall-to-ceiling” shelving units are used.

Commenting on the efforts of the charity, its chief executive Jennie Brent said: “It’s a proper factory, but if we sent our trainees out into a factory environment with no support they would fail.”This is a vehicle to help these people move on. It’s not about sitting in a classroom, it’s giving them a practical experience so the more products that come in, the better. The factory is the nucleus of what we’re doing.”

These days, people intent on sourcing storage, whether they are after garage shelving or anything else, can head online to find the items they need.

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