Horsebox Insurance

There are many types of insurance policy available and you should always be sure that you have, at the very least, the minimum legal requirement for your circumstances. A horsebox poses a very real threat while on the road and it is not just driver and human passengers but potentially very expensive and valuable horses that could end up being injured or worse. With horsebox insurance you can protect against many eventualities so that you can drive with confidence.


Typically, horsebox insurance will offer cover for both covered and uncovered horseboxes. An uncovered horsebox is often referred to as a trailer. Some of the more advanced, and typically expensive, horseboxes around will include sleeping quarters and day boxes and you should ensure that your policy includes coverage for this type of horsebox before you start using them. Depending on the number of horses you transport or plan on transporting you may also want to be sure that your policy protects you for the appropriate number.


If you use your horsebox for short trips or very infrequently you may be able to enjoy a discount on your policy. Limited mileage policies are designed for this very purpose and you will typically find policies that cover you for unlimited mileage, up to 5,000 miles per year, or up to 3,500 miles per year. You could enjoy a discount of as much as 7.5% against your policy.


Looking after horses is no cheap hobby and, as such, you should look for ways in which you can save money but without compromising the safety or quality of living that your horse or horses enjoy. With adequate horsebox insurance coverage, and by ensuring that you choose a policy that is best suited to your needs, you can enjoy great coverage at great prices.


Horsebox insurance is only one type of vehicle insurance but, if you transport horses on a regular basis, it will be one of the most important. Consider your circumstances and your requirements, the type of horsebox you have, the number of horses you transport, and your average annual mileage to help ensure that you choose the most suitable horsebox insurance policy for your individual needs.


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