EMDR Training

EMDR training or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is one of the most influential and significant developments in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and psychological trauma. It is vital to receive expert EMDR training recommended and accredited by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

The range of EMDR workshops available include courses that combine theory, practical work and video to cover all aspects of training in detail. EMDR workshops often comprise of a seven-day course covering four phases including the theory of EMDR and how it can help patients suffering psychological trauma and in depth practical learning. A combination of theory and practical based training ensures you receive all the training and information necessary to fully understand EMDR.

Students undertaking EMDR workshops will be given the chance to put into practice their new skills through discussion and analysis.  Once you have completed a EMDR workshop you will be able to practice EMDR on patients suffering from PTSD and other psychological traumas.

Tailored EMDR training is available both in-house and as scheduled workshops at your specified location. A maximum of twelve students to each trained instructor makes sure you receive in-depth, personal training of the highest standard. Your trained instructor will be able to offer hands on advice and answer any questions you may have during the training. Having an expert on hand throughout the workshops is vital in fully understanding EMDR and its complexities. A qualified trainer ensures you get the most out of your EMDR training.

A qualified mental health practitioner will guide you through the training. If you are interested in taking part in a workshop, you will receive all the skills and training necessary to help patients recover from psychological trauma. Becoming a skilled EMDR practitioner gives you the chance to pass on your knowledge of new coping methods to patients, enabling them to take a step closer to normality.

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