10 Centerpiece Ideas For Every Occasion


Do not just know how to cook well, the eye wants its part and a way certainly apt to conquer your guests is to decorate the table in an original way. Here then 10 Tips for the DIY centerpieces to choose from ad hoc according to the occasion, take a look also at our photo gallery to find original ideas from which to take inspiration!

  • Centerpieces for a summer dinner outdoors. Tired of the usual floating candles? Impress your guests by illuminating the long table with candles placed in simple clear glass bottles. It is a centerpiece elegant but at the same time cheap and quick to do.
  • Centerpiece with fruit for a summer lunch. Choose the clear glass containers of different heights and fill with slices of lemon, orange and lime. Placed at the center of the table will give the room color and fragrance.
  • Centerpiece with candy. If you are organizing an afternoon snack for the kids or a birthday party, decorate the house with a centerpiece made of candy such as lollipops or colorful skewers of marshmallows: ideas are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.download
  • Elegant centerpieces with flowers and fruit. For a country chic dining prepares a centerpiece of flowers and fruit, just match the right colors to make a blockbuster. An example: apple lime green and pink hydrangeas, are very summer and also very glamorous.
  • Original centerpiece with vegetables. For a lunch with friends you can even dare with a centerpiece a bit ‘out of the box, funny and original. Make it come true for example with bunches of asparagus, zucchini or strains of salad.clip_image019_thumb
  • Centerpiece summer. The right materials to make a centerpice with a summery are definitely sand and shells. This type of centerpiece is well suited for a romantic dinner by candlelight.
  •  Modern centerpieces. To impress a special guest and fashionable prepared a simple centerpiec minimal style: on a tray placed the flowers of some colorful flowers (gerberas are fine) and cover with the wine glasses upside down. The effect will be truly sensational.
  •  Centerpiece environmentally friendly. Prepare some small lawns of green grass in tin containers (such as those of tomato paste). Matches for time because the grass needs a few weeks to grow. Arrange the clumps of grass on the tablecloth to give your table a genuine look, colorful and environmentally friendly. 
  • Centerpiece with recycled bottles. Another cute idea for a centerpice with flowers and recycled material is to replace the traditional pots with glass milk bottles. The idea is nice, informal and fits perfectly for an outdoor picnic.images

Centerpiece fast. Are you planning a dinner with colleagues at the last minute? Do not worry, decorated the table with the compositions of succulent plants that normally keep in the house. The effect will be a modern table: elegant and minimal at the same time.

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