Staying Healthy Outdoors

Getting out and about allows us to get more healthy – however, Mother Nature can be a fearsome old crow and, as such, it is wise to know how to stay healthy outdoors whilst we are going about improving our health.

The first thing to remember is how quickly the weather can change. Therefore, whilst having waterproof jackets on hand to save you getting soaked to the bone and seeing dampness or cold affecting you physically (and even leading to the likes of hypothermia), it is also simply wise to make sure that you have the right outdoor clothing in general. This doesn’t just mean having warm or waterproof clothing on hand, but instead having items that are designed to leave you as free and as warm as you need to be.

The right outdoor clothes allow you to retain the heat you need without leaving you clammy and sweaty – moisture can escape, but the warmth will remain. The right outdoor clothes will also simply involve wearing numerous layers to allow you to have just the right level of warmth in any situation.

Your feet are also likely to need the right protection. Not only will cold and damp feet cause you pain and many problems when out and about, but they can also simply leave you feeling extremely unwell. As such, the right walking boots will be a must. Not only will they keep your feet healthy, but they will also give you the right support to ensure you can stay comfortable and therefore be out for as long as you would like to be.

Finally, ensure you have fluids and food. A lack of energy or water can not only seriously hinder your progress and make you feel pretty rubbish, but it is also likely to actually be very bad for your health, both in the short term and can, in some cases, cause long term problems too.

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