Sell My Bike

When selling your motorbike you will want to get the highest price possible for it. There are a few things you can do in order to find a trustworthy buyer who is prepared to hand over the cash. Follow these handy tips and you will be sure to sell your bike in no time.


Start by gathering all of the important paperwork and registration documents for your motorbike. A full detailed log of all the work you have had done will also help to increase the amount of money you can sell it for. Then give your bike a thorough clean. Make sure it is absolutely spotless and shiny as this will make it much more appealing for potential customers. If it is particularly dirty you can take it to a garage and use a pressure hose to clean it, or just hire a professional cleaner to do it for you.


Once you have your bike looking as good as new you are ready to take some photographs of it. Try and take the photographs when there is natural sunlight outside. Take 4 or 5 clear photographs from all angles. If there are any dents or scrapes on the bike then be sure to photograph them too. There is no point in hiding any damage to the bike, as you will only be wasting someone elses time when they come to look at it.


Fill out all the details for your bike honestly and thoroughly. Include information such as when you bought it, any work you have had done, any problems, the current milage and how much you want for it. Remember to include your current contact details too.


The next step is to search online for a suitable bike selling website. Try typing in keywords such as ‘sell my bike’ or ‘motorbikes for sale’ and see what comes up. Always pick a reputable company who has good independant reviews. In the United Kingdom a good place to start is Autotrader, or if you live in America try Cycletrader. If your bike is vintage you may want to approach a specialist dealer to see if they will make you an offer.



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