Famous Stores In Chandni Chowk For Designer Lehengas

The Chandni Chowk region in Delhi is famous across the globe for its large, versatile and affordable markets that sell everything from stationery to ethnic wear to electronics. The wedding attire here such as extravagant sarees, eye-popping lehengas and regal anarkali suits are sought by global hordes year after year. This very popularity makes shopping at Chandni Chowk a very trying affair, particularly for heavy exquisite clothes such as wedding wear. To make your shopping spree easier and give you a fair idea of what to expect, we explore the famous stores in Chandni Chowk for designer lehengas.

Pakeezah Plaza:

This is hands down one of the most famous stores in Chandni Chowk for designer lehengas, the big names of the industry and their personal brands included. The reason for Pakeezah Plaza taking the market by a storm is their versatile manner of catering to different audiences.Their designers are chiefly from lucknow and as such, the lucknowi style is rampant in many lehenga collections sold here. The beautiful lehengas have varying degree of embroidery and other styles such as south indian are available at Pakeezah. They also specialize in theme-based clothing so if you require a specific array of designs for your wedding, this is the right store for you.


For any new store to come up in the hyper competitive environment witnessed at Chandni Chowk and create for itself a name among the numerous famous and heritage-based stores is quite a task. However, Sunehree has done just that, rising to prestige and acclaim among lehenga enthusiasts within a short time since its inception. The secret to this success lies chiefly in the targeted marketing and collections they release each season. Their Pattu lehengas are some of the best out there and to sport one of these is the dream of many brides. There is an added benefit of renting the lehengas here, you can sport new famous designer lehengas every season!

Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala:

Often we see Indian designers busniess gain exponential fame in western countries for their exquisite ethnic wear and migrating abroad to cater to the audience. These very designers return to the motherland and set up their own collections, now endorsed by the approval of foreign markets. One example of these successful ethnic wear stores is Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala in Chandni Chowk. Some of the finest and most impeccable lehengas in the city are found at this store, for prices that you will find hard to believe!

CTC Emporium:

CTC Emporium in Chandni Chowk is infamous for having a limited selection of elegant lehengas for those that do not enjoy snazzy cuts and bling. However, if you put in the efforts to explain your requirements carefully and specifically, you are bound to come across a lehenga that you will instantly fall in love with. CTC Emporium prices their designer lehengas quite reasonably; you might find the lehenga of your dreams in the affordable 50-70k budget.

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