Best Strategies To Lower Your Weight

Lower Your Weight

To keep your metabolism pumped, take in a balanced diet. The optimum ratio would be to keep your fat consumption to about 20%, your carbohydrates to 40 to 45%, and your protein to 30 to 35%. This ratio, and ensuring that the carbohydrates you consume are of the complex variety, will help to ensure the optimum blood sugar and insulin levels.

Eat five or six smaller meals every day. This will help keep your energy up, and your blood glucose level controlled.
If you’ve determined your maintenance calorie level, drop that amount by about 500 calories during the week, but increase it by 500 to 700 calories on Saturday and Sunday. This will enable youto shed fat but not bog down your metabolism.
Muscle mass weighs more than fat. As you increase your muscle mass, you may actually weigh more on your scale. It’s better to judge your progress by comparing photographs or measuring your waist. Take into account, not just your weight, but your body fat composition. However, your overall body weight may increase on account of the higher density of muscle versus fat.
Don’t just concentrate on cardiovascular exercise to get rid of fat. If you do this you will simply shed muscle and fat and not alter your body composition appreciably. You need to do weight training workouts to increase muscle mass. This, in turn, will burn more calories and fat.
Do a 30 minute aerobic workout when you first get up – before you eat. The glycogen level in your body is low and your body will use your fat stores for energy.
Stay well hydrated all day by taking in a lot of water. It helps moderate your appetite. It also makes your liver function better by relying more on your kidneys to remove toxins. As your body burns fat, the fat turns into ash and you need water to get rid of it. Generally, take in approximately 30 milliliters of water for every 500 grams of body weight. Think about switching to an ionized water, such as Kangen Water. Mister Wade Lightheart, 3 time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion claims he returned to his original form after retirement by taking in a good amount of ionized water.

Get adequate sleep, between 8 to 9 hours a night. Lack of sleep is likely to make you gain weight, due to increased cortisol levels. Cortisol tends to make the body store fat! It also reduces your level of testosterone.

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